Engineer, entrepeneur, and writer

I'm Bill, a software developer and writer living in San Francisco. I'm currently focused on trying to grow an app to $10k MRR and writing about my journey. Previously, I was a software engineer for about 13 years at companies such as Google, Pinterest, and many small startups.

You can email me , connect with me on Twitter, or LinkedIn. My LinkedIn bio also contains most of my technological skills.

The rest of this page gives an overview of current and past projects and some more personal information about me.

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Live Poker Theory

My biggest current focus is a poker training product called Live Poker Theory. Live Poker Theory helps bridge the gap between complex game-theory solver software and applying those theoretical concepts to live poker games. It primarily aims to do this by creating flashcards based on the solver outputs. It's inspired by research-based studying tools like Anki which aim to optimize your studying efficacy, and language learning apps like Duolingo which gamify the learning experience.

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I'm also interested in the highly competitive space of personal productivity software. I have a minimal side project in the space called Interstitch, which makes it easy to implement a technique called "interstitial journaling ". Interstitial journaling was coined by the Medium CEO Tony Stubblebine and popularized by the wellness and productivity blogger Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs. It's a technique where you write notes on your work as you go about it and collect timestamps. Interstitch organizes those notes by color-coded project and tracks the timestamps as you go so you can set goals on how many hours of "deep work " you do per project.

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You can find my Substack newsletter titled the "Road To 10k MRR " at where I write about my progress building a software company, and my thoughts on software development, marketing, entrepeneurship, and life. Older writing of mine can be found on the articles page, the notes page and my old Medium

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Past and Paused Projects

Before Interstitch, I worked on a new kind of habit and goal tracker called Navigoals. Navigoals attempts to make it easy to track dozens of habits, actions, and goals throughout your day, and organize all these into a tree (really, a Directed Acyclic Graph, or DAG). While the simple use case is a habit tracker, it's really more of a "life logger". I was especially interested in something that collected data on Apple watchOS and made analytics around it visible on web. However, this project was both very complex to design and difficult to market. While I still use Navigoals extensively, I decided it wasn't the right project to focus on at this point in time, but you can watch a demo on its landing page and sign up if you 're curious. Interstitch was an attempt to extract a very simple subset of features from Navigoals so I have something shipped from the overall effort.

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In 2020, I had a brief moment of fun working on a music livestream aggregrator that me and some friends coordinated Zoom parties around called "All Day I Stream ". More popular than the listings were the Zoom parties we organized around the music livestreams. The winding down of pandemic restrictions killed this project, but we had a moment of fun when we consistently hit the max Zoom 500 participants in the party and were covered by Rolling Stone.

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More About Me / Social Links

You can read about my professional background as a software engineer on LinkedIn.

My Twitter is @bill_prin.

You can email me I typically read and respond to every email, so don't be shy. The only email I typically don't reply to is unsolicited email recruiting for software engineers, which I usually tag in Gmail and will review if I'm ever on a job search.

I live with my wife, daughter, and Bernedoodle named Lucky in San Francisco. I was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from high school in Wildwood, New Jersey. You can sometimes catch me surfing in Pacifica or snowboarding in Tahoe. I also really enjoy electronic music such as house music and bass music, and went through a period of trying to make it. You can listen to some tracks on my Soundcloud..

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