Engineer, entrepeneur, and writer

I'm Bill, a software developer and writer living in San Francisco. I'm currently focused on trying to grow an app to $10k MRR and writing about my journey. Previously, I was a software engineer for about 13 years at companies such as Google, Pinterest, and many small startups. Besides my Substack, I also have some blog posts on the articles page and on my old Medium.

You can email me , connect with me on Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The rest of this page gives an overview of current and past projects and some more personal information about me.

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Live Poker Theory

My biggest current focus is a poker training product called Live Poker Theory. Live Poker Theory helps bridge the gap between complex game-theory solver software and applying those theoretical concepts to live poker games. It primarily aims to do this by creating flashcards based on the solver outputs. It's inspired by research-based studying tools like Anki which aim to optimize your studying efficacy, and language learning apps like Duolingo which gamify the learning experience.

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Inactive Projects


I'm also very interested in using software to improve productivity. Interstitch makes it easy to implement a technique called "interstitial journaling ". Interstitial journaling was coined by the Medium CEO Tony Stubblebine and popularized by the wellness and productivity blogger Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs. It's a technique where you write notes on your work as you go about it and collect timestamps. Interstitch organizes those notes by color-coded project and tracks the timestamps as you go so you can set goals on how many hours of "deep work " you do per project.

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